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Born for This: How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do

You want work that meets the three requirements of joy, money, and flow. The closer you come to your ideal intersection of these three qualities, the happier–and more successful–you'll be. This book is designed to get you there–to be your ticket to your lottery-winning career. –pg.54

Develop the habit of being a humble expert. Be interested more in how other people do things than in telling them how you are doing it. Your work will speak for itself. I still struggle with imposter syndrome, but over time I've tried to support as much as possible in specific ways. –pg.122

When the stakes are high and you need to choose whether to give up on any project or course of action, ask yourself these two basic questions:
1. Is it working?
2. Do you still enjoy it?
You'll be far more successful in the long term if you're honest with yourself about each of them. –pg.296

Born for This By Chris Guillebeau

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Mapping Experiences By James Kalbach

Focus on Creating Value “price is what you pay, value is what you get. In other words, from the individual’s perspective value is a much richer, more dynamic concept than cost, involving human behavior and emotions. Value is a perceived benefit.”-pg.35

Create Shared Value “A big part of the problem lies with companies themselves, which remain trapped in an outdated approach to value creation that has emerged over the past few decades. They continue to view value creation narrowly, optimizing short-term financial performance in a bubble while missing the most important customer needs and ignoring the broader influences that determine their longer-term success.” -pg.53

“Mapping customer journeys provides the insight for the design of better experiences. This in turn contributes to revenue growth.” -pg. 85

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