Instagram tips that brings real engagement

Here's the tip to get real engagement on Instagram

  • Improve your photography-- understand basic photography elements like color, composition, contrast, etc. 

  • Be consistent with your style-- stay with your theme color and tone. Plan and design your feed before you post.

  • Socialize with your audiences-- don't comment things that have no meaning. leave or reply back thoughtful comments to your audiences.

  • Interact with the right people-- spend time socializing with those who are interested in what you do.

  • Optimise your bio and profile picture-- these are the first thing that shows to new people who visit your page.

  • Choose the right hashtags-- pick those has tags that have similar likes that you get on the top picked photo. 

  • Tag the location-- surprisingly, this helps you to bring more audience than not tagging.

  • Include a call to action-- ask questions or make your audience to do something after reading your caption.

  • Collaborate with others -- if you know someone who does a similar thing that you do and has similar followers, give and get a shoutout or collaborate.

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MarketingEunJi Byun
Benefit of shinning in public when you build a branded story

“What happens when I tell the story to another person, is that all these other things show up, without me asking for them… The person you told the story to will tell you what they thought of it, they will help you make your story and your character better. I encourage everybody to keep telling your story over and over again in order to make it better. You’d be surprised how good your stories become over a short period of time, and you don’t have to sit alone in a room with thinking if it’s good or bad or whatever. Somebody can tell you, if you ask.” - The art of storytelling | Pixar in a Box | Partner content | Khan Academy

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Watch how McDonald brothers perfected their service.

"Finally after about six hours of this (prototyping and testing), we get it just right. It's a symphony of efficiency, not a wasted motion." The movie The Founder directed by John Lee Hancock shows how McDonald brothers built "Speedy System" of making the hamburgers for the first time in the food market.

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Born for This: How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do

You want work that meets the three requirements of joy, money, and flow. The closer you come to your ideal intersection of these three qualities, the happier–and more successful–you'll be. This book is designed to get you there–to be your ticket to your lottery-winning career. –pg.54

Develop the habit of being a humble expert. Be interested more in how other people do things than in telling them how you are doing it. Your work will speak for itself. I still struggle with imposter syndrome, but over time I've tried to support as much as possible in specific ways. –pg.122

When the stakes are high and you need to choose whether to give up on any project or course of action, ask yourself these two basic questions:
1. Is it working?
2. Do you still enjoy it?
You'll be far more successful in the long term if you're honest with yourself about each of them. –pg.296

Born for This By Chris Guillebeau

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How useful information spreads around

“Community is critical for creative folks because creating the work is so inwardly focused. … Participating in a community becomes a way to let some sympathetic people into your process so you don’t go crazy, while still protecting the work in its unfinished and fragile state. I see community as people working parallel to one another, sharing information and resources freely with each other. This is how useful information spreads around and how creative people find new opportunities.”
– Frank Chimero

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