Let us help you to get sh*it done.

Productivity coaching in Branding.

We believe in the power of a brand to attract someone’s attention and doing so by minimizing what is not essential. We'll help you to visualize, categorize, and build a strategic plan.

What you will get

  • 1:1 Hour coaching

  • Workshop documents
  • Meeting recap
  • Check-in message
  • Video feedback


  • Defining the vision 

  • Setting the direction

  • Building the prototype

  • Redesigning opportunity

  • Marketing


  • Align your value to your brand ideal that people can rally around.
  • Plan and sketch the brand experience faster by building a prototype.
  • Test smarter by getting feedback on your prototype and grow faster with the analytics.
  • Learn how to plan with value oriented to find out what steps are relevant and essential to your goal.
  • Learn how to track and measure goals over time yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly to daily broken down tasks.


EunJi Byun

EJ is a Graphic Designer turned into a Brand Strategist. She found a strong benefit to project management when she participated daily Scrum meetings with IBM team. Since then, she has been running Scrum meetings for past 2 years with tech startups and solopreneurs. 

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What people have to say


NYU Student, Developer

"I became more motivated into doing my project and getting results after talking and hearing your advice. I'll be sure to come to show a better version of my project."  

Entrepreneur, Coach

"My business is starting to thrive because of these meeting where I see other people also taking their 'building something out of nothing' serious."  

Designer in Startup

"EJ helped me realize that I haven't sit down and take some time to THINK for a really long time. She is my first mentor in design field."