Member Trademarks

01 Create value
02 Build authentic relationships
03 Sine in public


Charlene Almeida
Creative Consultant. Visual Designer.

" has to do with the purpose of accountability, like knowing that someone else cares about getting things done together on that specific day. 🤜🤛🏽It's like an agreement."

Jacques Torino
Computer Programmer. Student.

"It’s part of my idea on how “Big” I imagined Baebu to become! Baebu Ventures competing with Google Ventures! Dreams! Something I wanna be part of! "

Mahmud Babu
Developer. Student.

"I became more motivated into doing my project and getting results after talking with you and hearing your advice. I'll be sure to come to the next meeting to show a better version of my project where users can make reservations!"

Raymond Forrest
Personal Trainer. Real Estate Advisor.

"Well there's many reasons to talk to the organizer. 1 Reason is she is very interested in me and what I am doing which makes me feel special. 2 We have so much in common and have a real good connection. 3 She is about progress and getting shit done which is what I'm all about as well. There are so many reasons but those are a few."

Jasmine Torok
Life Coach. Solopreneur.

"I think we all need help with effective to-do list setting. We need this. My saving the world and helping them regain health is tied to Baebu's focusing / get sh*t done skills. We are all in this together 🔥"