Co-Working Jam Session


Keep working energy high & track your progress




Manhattan, NY or Online | Weekly by request | 2 Hour

  • A way to keep working energy high
  • A way to get rid of annoying interruptions
  • A way to track your progress and tasks


  1. Intense 90 min work
  2. Scrum meeting
  3. Break for 20 min

What is Scrum?

Companies like Google, Apple, and IBM uses Scrum & Agile methodology daily. It's is very effective for collaboration and it keeps employees motivated at work.

In Scrum, we share:
1. What have I been working on?
2. What will I work on?
3. What are my blockers? (optional)



Please respect other members. Try to focus on your own work during the session.


02 1-minute speak

Scrum is only effective when your answers are minimal and straight to the point.


03 don't burn out

Spend your time to focus on the hardest task and spread your energy evenly.