More than startup school, they're experiences. Developed by the industry’s best methodology and mindset. Our community has self-employees who inspire and ignite. At Baebu, we’re continually crafting a suite of destination experiences that bring results through innovation. Baebu means "sharing the information" in Korean where we got inspired by professor's secret sauce–those sheets that they give students with compacted tips and hows to learn and grow as a professional.


The challenges and hustle the beginners face when they build businesses is really tough.

Our approach to incubating helps people to stay cooperative and learn what is truly important for them.





01 Be Impactful.

Contribute to the discussion, and respect everyone’s time. 


02 Be Spirited.

Show up with an openness to diverse perspectives and lively debate.


02 Be Thoughtful.

Challenge ideas, not people.



Charlene Almeida
Creative Consultant. Visual Designer.

"...it has to do with the purpose of accountability, like knowing that someone else cares about getting things done together on that specific day. 🤜🤛🏽It's like an agreement."

Mahmud Babu
Developer. Student.

"I became more motivated into doing my project and getting results after talking with you and hearing your advice. I'll be sure to come to the next meeting to show a better version of my project where users can make reservations!"



Both of my parents are designers and business owners, so art was around me ever since I was young. I went to Maryland Institute College of Art, where I learned Branding and Design. After spending time in the agency world, I found that people often saw designers as executioners and not as thinkers–even though they were as invested in the project as other stakeholders. I interned in a marketing and branding agency and I was excited that my clients were big corporates. I worked with various departments and learned mind-blowing product management and team communication methodology there. That was cool but the design team was there to just deliver what other team said or follow the decision that's already made. Sometimes I had to design something knowing it's not going to work.


I also had to design something with knowing any content to "be unlimited and be creative". I felt more powerless and miserable as the day pass. I realized that if I stay as a designer, many times I won't be able to build something that makes my user happy because often, the company wanted to make the client happy.

Then there was a moment I realized that in order to solve meatier problems, I have to take a step back, move away from the pixels and into the world of strategy and planning. I also realized how much I enjoyed working with different disciplines and backgrounds, and learned the product management and team communication skills needed to create supportive community and help them align their values to their career and fulfill their ambitions. 


EunJi Byun, Founder

EunJi Byun