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Plan your project faster, test smarter.

Get sh*t done with other like-minded people.

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Cooperative Community Project

Baebu incubates people how to build a strong brand that draws people's attention.



Grow together. 

Meet creators who are passionate. We inspire each other, stay motivated, and keep each other accountable.



Create value.

We care about your personal values, ambition, and talent, making sure they align with your product or service.



Focus deeper.

Using methodology that big cooperates use, manage your product efficiently.


Who should join? 🤔

People who are interested in building a startup or side project:

  • Soloprenures

  • Freelancers

  • Small business owners

  • Portfolio builders

Who should not join? 😱

  • People who persuade to use their product or service
  • People with non-open minded attitude 
  • People who are not willing to give & take constructive criticism 


Get sh*t done with other like-minded people


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